Family Vacation in La Conner

So, we went on a vacation. It wasn’t a “We flew to Hawaii” kind of vacation mind you. It was more of a “We have 7 kids” kind of vacation. We loaded up the trailer, and stayed at Dad’s work. It was pretty fun, and I decided to blog about it!

Let’s start with photo number one.


Ah, the majestic sunrise as seen from a phone being held by a Blogger who’s up too early in the morning to realize that he should take more than one picture. As an added bonus, the phone was being held above about 4 of my sibling’s heads! Yay!

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Hello world!


This is the first official post on my brand spankin’ new blog! As a visitor, you can expect to see new posts about my hectic life as one of 7 home schooled kids. We’re a pretty interesting bunch, and I hope you all enjoy the blog! This whole writing thing is admittedly a bit new to me, but I guess I can only get better!

If you’re more interested about who I am, go ahead and visit my About page.

Otherwise, stay tuned, buckle your seatbelt, generic saying for getting ready, hold on tight, because I’m ready to start blogging!