Pokemon Cards For Everybody!

Pokemon cards are in high request over at our local Dollar Store. So, whenever I happen to be there, they’re all gone. But, Mama and Mila (Kid #3 Age 11) went to the Dollar Store. And. Lo and behold. They had Pokemon Cards. Be excited, because I can assure you, good came from this. Read on.

I’d really, really, REALLY, like to just say what happened in the end, (Because it’s awesome), but I like having a storyline. So, unless you want to be a party-pooper and just skip to the end, you get to be excited. You get to build suspense. Like this.


This, is what I’d love to think you look like. At least on the inside.

Now, enough with the waiting. Here’s a look at what we opened.


We bought 21 packs. Since there’s 5 of us, we split them 4 each, and had one left over. (4×5=20. I does maths.)

One of the reasons I wanted to get these cards, was my little brother Rook. (Age 4 kid #6) All us kids have Pokemon cards. (Except Judah. (Age 20 kid #1)) But Rook, hardly has any. He had about two booster packs of cards. (That’s around 20 cards.) So, this would be a nice expansion to his collection. But, what happened next, was a quite the surprise.

He pulled a Lapras.

And not just any Lapras, but a Lapras GX.

And not just any Lapras GX, but a Full-art Lapras GX.

In fact, it wasn’t just any Full-art Lapras GX either.

He pulled, a Full-art, Lapras GX, Secret Rare.

In other words, the card he got was so rare, it isn’t even shown on the list of cards you can get. He got card #151/149. It’s even textured. It’s amazing, and I’m just a bit jealous.

But, enough talk. This is the card.


Isn’t it beautiful? I simply adore it. Now for those of you who are worried about letting a 4 year old handle a Full-art secret rare Pokemon card of awesomeness, we’re going to hold onto it for him until he’s a bit less likely to try and fold it into a paper airplane or something.

That was all of our packs opened. We each got 4 packs. But, there was one left. I decided, since we were going to be holding onto one of his cards, we’d give Rook the last pack. I opened the pack, and started turning them over one by one. Then, I felt something. The next card I was about to turn over, was textured. Rook, got another Secret Rare card. It’s not an amazing Pokemon mind you, but it’s still pretty amazing. Take a look.


And with that, we were out of cards. The rest of us didn’t get anything amazing enough to even COMPETE with what Rook got, but if you’re still interested, I could do a follow-up post with our cards too.

That’s pretty much it for me.
Now, I want to know. What’s the rarest thing/your favorite thing you got out of a pack? It doesn’t have to be Pokemon, you just have to think it’s awesome. I’ll leave my answer in the comments, and I hope you do too.

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Pokemon Cards For Everybody!

  1. My favorite amazing lucky thing I got out of a pack, is kind of two things. It’s a two-part Pokemon card. It’s what’s known as a Legend card, and it’s basically two halves that make one whole. I have a Lugia Legend, and I love it so. I got it at a Pokemon HG/SS Pre-Release, and I stared at it the whole 30-minute ride home. It’s undoubtedly one (two?) of my absolute favorite cards in my collection.

    And, I’ve got two pictures if you’re interested.

    This is the two halfs of Lugia Legend.

    This is the two halfs of Lugia Legend put together, next to a Water Energy for size comparison.


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