Family Vacation in La Conner

So, we went on a vacation. It wasn’t a “We flew to Hawaii” kind of vacation mind you. It was more of a “We have 7 kids” kind of vacation. We loaded up the trailer, and stayed at Dad’s work. It was pretty fun, and I decided to blog about it!

Let’s start with photo number one.


Ah, the majestic sunrise as seen from a phone being held by a Blogger who’s up too early in the morning to realize that he should take more than one picture. As an added bonus, the phone was being held above about 4 of my sibling’s heads! Yay!

After that beautiful sunrise I did so much justice to in the previous picture, we sort of just sat around chatting, and eating. We ate muffins, egg muffins, and the kids even had cool little mini pizzas! Highlight reel time!

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After sitting around for a bit more, we went outside with the bikes! As Dad’s work is surrounded by a fence, we can just bike and have our dogs loose.  Also, my bike has a few attachments for max rider count. In other words, I have a kid seats on the front and back of my bike. See image.


After biking, it was time for some work. Mom, the kids, and the dogs went back home to get the dogs food, while Me and Dad started clearing out a better place to leave the trailer. Wouldn’t want to just leave it in the middle of the parking lot, so we cleared space beside the building!

Dad got the forklift from the building, and we got to clearing some space. I would wrap what we needed to move with a strap, then loop it over the forklift attachment. Then, Dad would lift it up with the forklift, and we’d move it out of the way. Pretty straightforward process, but boy was it effective. How effective? It worked on a tree. 

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Then, it was time to back in the trailer. Did you know our trailer has a face on the back? Well, neither did I. Personally, I, found it quite amusing. Take a gander.


I got to drive the forklift back. I may not quite enjoy driving. (Driving is scary) But driving a forklift? I must admit. It felt pretty awesome.

Next, with my camera in hand, I did what anybody would do. I sat down in the car to watch my sleeping brother with my oh so entertaining phone. That may not sound exciting but… Well, I got a picture. 


Ah. Nothing like sleeping while sitting up and sideways in a carseat. That’s comfort at it’s best.

Well, I think that about wraps up the bulk of the vacation. It was pretty much a “trail run” vacation. We’re going to use what we learned to make the next one more fun, more easy, and to make sure that we forget less stuff.

So, after all that, we went home, then got ready to go out and celebrate something. Celebrate what? I’d tell you, but I want to enjoy having a cliffhanger. 

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Family Vacation in La Conner

  1. troy thompson says:

    i like your blog. its a good look into a get away, and i love the la’ conner area with the board walk and breweries, La’ conner is such a cozy little town with some trendy businesses and restaurants. i like the photos you used, it makes it more personal and adds to the blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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